Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fight Like A Girl

Look at the two photographs below; the first is of the stunningly attractive Ronda Rousey. The second is also Ronda Rousey; this is what a woman can look like after she has been beaten up. If a man did that, what would you call him? Yet when two women climb into a cage and do this to each other, it’s called sport.

Ronda Rousey is, or perhaps that should be was, the rising star of women’s mixed martial arts until she was stopped in the second round by Holly Holm. A year and more later she suffered an even quicker defeat to Amanda Nunes. Will she now retire? Who knows? But if these women had any sense, they would all retire. Seriously, do you want to see young, attractive women with their faces mashed to a pulp? The women who beat Rousey aren’t exactly unattractive either; it would have been better for her but not for them if the boot had been on the other foot.

Of course, there is absolutely no reason women shouldn’t keep physically fit, train, run, compete on the field, and in the gym, indeed they should be encouraged to do so, but if they want to do contact sports, judo is both feminine and graceful, then there is aikido, karate, kung fu...Indeed, Rousey began as a jūdōka; she also became a wrestler - that’s another no-no, have you seen the injuries these guys and gals suffer, and how many of them die young?

Cool it ladies, leave boxing, mixed martial arts and other blood sports to the guys. A man with a beat up face can appear ruggedly handsome, and even a bloodied loser can attract compassion, but for you, a black eye, a busted lip, a mouthful of blood, all that does is rob you of your femininity, and that is something you want to keep as long as you can. You’ll be astonished how fast the years go by and how quickly it will fade.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Luciana Berger — Kosher Stupidity At Its Classic Best

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a legend. To the man in the mirror, at any rate. Luciana Berger is hot, like smoking; women like her can have the pick of the alpha males, and that does not include Joshua, who must be blind if he calls her a filthy Jew bitch or a filthy anything. As Bonehill-Paine begins a two year sentence for harassing - not sexually but simply harassing - the Liverpool MP, one has to ask if she or anyone else believes this will shake his belief that Jews control Britain, or if it will simply affirm it.

Curiously, the lovely Luciana has enemies on the left too, including veteran Kosher crazy Tony Greenstein who four years ago wrote of her “...Lucian is not only a Zionist scumbag but a coward to boot. In order to protect her career and knowing which way the wind blows, she hasn’t even raised Israel on her own blog or in the House of Commons!”

Not quite such poisonous rhetoric, but coming from someone who is not regarded as a total fruitcake as well as a member of The Tribe, far more hurtful. In the first place, many Jews have supported Zionism because like the gullible goyim they have been blinded by its propaganda campaign in the Western media. With the rise of social media, the alternative media, and Islamic voices, most of them have seen through it. Probably Berger is ashamed to speak up for Israel after the two massacres of Operation Cast Lead and the 2012 attack which saw such terrible loss of life. But in comparison with the implosion of Syria, the crimes of the Zionist entity from 1948 to date don’t look so terrible at all.

Leaving aside the Middle East though, Luciana does have some right daffy ideas; she believes in the gender pay gap for one. And she seems to believe the way to deal with idiots is to throw them in gaol. After Bonehill-Paine’s conviction she relished in playing the victim to the BBC. Or perhaps that should be the survivor. Just kidding. But did it have to end like this? One thing she could have done was refrain from feeding the troll. Another and far more alluring thing would have been to invite him to meet her. In spite of her whining about sexism and other chimeras, she has done some excellent work in both her constituency and Parliament as is evinced by her short film Breadline Britain and constantly raising the issue of food banks.

Men like Bonehill-Paine may be ignorant, but they are not ignorant in a vacuum. They’ve been reading the wrong books, watching the wrong videos, and listening to the wrong people. If no one educates them, they will remain ignorant, and when this particular idiot comes out of gaol in a year or so, he will be not simply ignorant but embittered. In short, if he doesn’t hate Jews already and his writings really are only satire, he will certainly hate them then. Congratulations Luciana, Eric Sevareid would be proud of you.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Never Shag A Woman At Work

Sometimes I look back with regret on the way my personal life has turned out - alone at sixty. Then I think of my friend Chris Tame and his two failed marriages, or the guy downstairs and his two crazy girlfriends - one on whom I called the police on Valentine’s Day thinking he was being murdered. Then I don’t feel so bad. For the past thirty years when I have worked I have done so for the most part alone; when I was younger I did not work exclusively in all male environments, but I had little opportunity to fraternise with women by and large, that is women to whom I was attracted. I don’t regret that either.

Working with women gives a man the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. That sounds nice, but it can be disastrous. Look at Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Now that was really sordid, and frankly the cunt brought it on himself, but others have landed in trouble with a capital T, like Staff Sergeant Eddy Soto of the United States Army. Fortunately, his absurd rape conviction was overturned on appeal, but a woman doesn’t have to accuse you of rape to trash your job, your career, your life...

Last month, the Guardian ran a story headlined: Half of women in UK have been sexually harassed at work, study finds

Sure: “Polling of 1,553 women found 52% experienced unwanted behaviour at work including groping, sexual advances and inappropriate jokes” - what does that even mean, inappropriate jokes?

As we’ve seen in some high profile cases, including that of Ellen Pao, sexual harassment and discrimination can mean almost anything. Even though Pao lost her lawsuit against her former employer Kleiner Perkins and was as good as kicked out of Reddit, she is still being lauded by media braindeads as some kind of heroine instead of a toxic bitch.

Any man who has any sort of romantic entanglement with a woman at work is risking everything for what - a shag? Okay, there are exceptions, Robin Cook met his second wife at work, and married her. He had no regrets about that, although his first wife may well have, but when the shine wears off, what are we left with? Charges of sexual harassment or worse. Okay, so the girl is cultured, sweet natured and stunningly attractive, so was Karla Homolka. Don’t go there guys, don’t even think of going there, find your love interests in the club, on the dance floor, even on a dating site, but never shag a woman at work.

Friday, 2 September 2016

The Last Time I Saw Tony

The screengrab below is from an e-mail that arrived on the 22nd of last month. It is clearly incomplete, but what is not so clear is that it was long overdue because the author had been dead four years by that time.

Anthony Hancock - Tony to his friends but AH to me - died June 11, 2012. I can only guess at what happened, but presumably the e-mail account from which this message was sent has now been long closed. His phone number no longer works, and although his domain - Historical Review Press - has been taken over by Simon Sheppard - the company he founded with his late father is also long gone.

If you read about AH in the mainstream or anywhere slightly to the left of the Monday Club, you will find nothing flattering about him, and much that is deeply unflattering. For some time after our initial acquaintance, I wasn’t that impressed with him either. The sentiment was mutual, but I realised shortly, as did he, that this mutual contempt had been engineered gratuitously by someone we’d both been kind to in our own different ways, and who had repaid us by trying to set us at each other’s throats.

After this individual overstepped the mark, we both realised we’d been played, and although we were never friends with a capital F, we did reach the point where we enjoyed each other’s company. I owe AH a lot; he did some printing for me including one ill-fated project (that he actually contracted out) which left him seriously out of pocket, and one of my pamphlets he printed totally for free. I can’t remember at this distance if this was Holocaust Revisionism After Irving v Lipstadt or The Man Who Invented Racism, but he certainly printed one for free, and the other for a fairly nominal fee.

It was because of AH that I went to Tehran where I delivered a paper on the forbidden subject; I also assisted him albeit belatedly as McKenzie friend in the ludicrous Tosspot Trial which saw him stitched up by a deranged lawyer, a barrister who looked and talked like a pig, and a judge who was out of the Ark.

The photo below is rather sad looking; the last time I saw him - at a political meeting - he looked even sadder. I feel a bit guilty over that because I tapped him for twenty quid, I remember not what for. I realised later that by that point he was a broken man, his horrible common law wife having kicked him out of the house, and he was I am reliably informed sleeping on the floor of his printworks. Even so, he would not have died prematurely at 65 had be followed his doctor’s orders.

It was a sad end for a man who had been demonised by people who on the one hand painted him as a bigoted and quite mad conspiracy theorist while at the same time conspiring against him and everything he stood for, even dragging him into court over the printing of a boring satirical pamphlet while turning a blind eye to or even attempting to justify the crushing of a nation and the mass murder of its people, including its children.

In the grand scheme of things, AH was an important person, and if our race still exists two hundred years from now, history will be a lot kinder to him than his contemporaries.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sing Along With The Chabloz Goy

What is a self-styled singer-songwriter? Alison Chabloz is one, according to her detractors. As she both composes and performs, and her work can be viewed on YouTube, one is entitled to ask in what sense is she self-styled? This petty dig is probably the slightest slight she has suffered since she came out, not as a lesbian, but as a Holocaust Revisionist.

Miss Chabloz has lived or at least spent some time in the Middle East, and in spite of her beliefs is clearly a left winger who identifies strongly with the struggle for Palestinian statehood. At one time this would have been a death sentence for her musical career; certainly as late as the 1980s Zionist spokesmen were able to insist there was no Jewish Lobby, no Israel/Zionist Lobby, and that any suggestion to the contrary was misguided if not the ravings of anti-Semites.

All that has changed in the past twenty years, a change that has not been down solely to the Internet. It is difficult to portray yourself as a victim when you are standing on your oppressor’s neck. While at one time the Jewish Lobby and the Israel Lobby were synonymous, this is no longer the case, especially in the United States. But the hidden hand is still very much alive, and Miss Chabloz has been feeling its effects because not only does she support the Palestinian cause and openly espouse Holocaust Revisionism, she has set her views to music.

Understandably this has caused considerable mock outrage including at the Edinburgh Fringe where last year the event’s organisers came under considerable pressure to ban her, a pressure which they admirably resisted.

Since then she has recorded a number of songs that are sure to cause the ADL to foam at the mouth, including Kosher Brother and the hilarious (((Survivors))). When you have heard the latter, Hava Nagila will never sound the same again.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Don’t Destroy Your Face, Lady — Or Anything Else

On March 3, 2016, I was sitting on a seat in a roadside garden under the bright winter sunshine, with time on my hands, when a young woman - younger than me - sat on the bench opposite. She was not unattractive, and as she spoke to me I fancied my chances of at least taking her to the nearby café, but I noticed that she had faint tattoos on both her hands, and thought better of it. The wording was the same on both: ACAB. If you are not familiar with that acronym, don’t ask.

I have no doubt that in spite of this she was not a horrible person, although she may have been when she was young and rebellious, which was presumably when she had those marks engraved on her hands. Most of us mellow with time, but a tattoo makes a statement about you, one that may not be true 30, 20, 10, even 5 years on from when you commissioned it. Heck, it may not even be true at the time, but a tattoo does make a statement for all the world to see and interpret, or misinterpret.

If there is one thing worse than a woman with tattooed hands it is, well, take a look at this woman, Elizabeth (Forever) Young.

Difficult though it is to believe, this was taken on her fiftieth birthday. Now compare with this one.
At the time this photograph was taken, Joanna Dennehy was around 31 years old. Even without the tattoo, she looks older than Elizabeth. She has a tongue stud too - yuk. Like Elizabeth she is also an unusual woman, though for entirely different reasons: she is that rarest of rare birds, a female serial killer.

Okay, so perhaps the comparison is a tad unfair, but take the point, if you had to choose, which of these women would you say had blood on her hands?

Tattoos are not always inappropriate, no one bats an eyelid at a sailor with tattooed arms, but tattoos on the neck, legs, really on any other part of the body, are to be avoided for men, and don’t let’s mention women. Then there are body piercings.

A woman who has pierced ears or even double pierced ears is one thing (as is a single pierced ear for a dude), but look at the way some women today are going way over the top. Then there are other piercings, it’s difficult to believe that any woman would pierce her navel or nipples, but there is far worse than that, including for men.

Finally, nasal piercings are a no-no. Okay, an Indian woman who has a single traditional stud, maybe, and at times this can be forgiven in a Western woman, but a woman who has studs in both sides of her nose or a pierced septum...why not go the whole hog and stick a bone through it like a stereotypical cannibal?

I have many, many regrets in my now sixty years, both of things done and of things not done, but one thing I have never regretted is not getting that tattoo. And if you get to my age unblemished by this indelible pigment, you will feel the same way.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Ken & Barbie Killers

This is a 45 minute documentary about Canada’s most hated woman and the serial rapist who married her. If there was ever a case of not judging a book by its cover it must surely be that of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. All the major elements of the killer couple are covered, from their first meeting at which sparks flew to Bernardo’s physical abuse of her, their joint rape of Karla’s younger sister Tammy, and the deal with the Devil which understandably outraged the Canadian public. The one thing that is not mentioned is that this was sanctioned by Marion Boyd, the feminist who became Attorney General of Ontario.

Although this was early days in the history of DNA profiling, it is difficult to credit the police felt obliged to offer Karla any kind of deal in order to secure a conviction; the case against Bernardo was surely compelling enough without her testimony. In the UK, the two would most certainly have been charged together, and if Karla ever saw the light of day again it would have been as an old woman rather than as a relatively young one who some miserable wretch not only impregnated but married and whisked off to an island paradise.

Did Karla rather than Bernardo kill the two girls? Bernardo’s lawyer seems to think so; the man himself said so, and as he has since confessed to numerous other crimes that will ensure he is never released, there is no good reason not to believe him.